Bookshelf speakers for PC and TV


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Jun 2, 2016
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Hopefully I am posting this in the right section. I am considering purchasing the 'Q Acoustics 2020i' speakers. Initially I was thinking about using them connected to my PC. If I were to do this, is a simple amplifier like this one: ( ) good enough to power them?

I was then contemplating using the speakers in the living room instead of getting a soundbar (moving into first house soon). Would the above amplifier do the trick or would I need an AV receiver such as this one: ( ).

Finally, will I be able to connect a chromecast audio to either of these devices to be able to stream music wirelessly from my phone etc? Via some kind of adapter?

I'm a newbie to this area, any advice or input would be much appreciated.


1. Using the simple amplifier may "waste" the Q Acoustics 2020i ... the Q Acoustics deserves better amp.

2. Denon PMA520AE Integrated Amplifier is not AV receiver ... it is only 2-channel HI-FI amp.

For your case, you may consider buying an AV receiver (The amp, with HDMI input, 5.1 function, ... is AV receiver / Home Cinema Receiver )