book shelf or floor standing, new or used


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello Wisemen,

I am an absolute newbie to the home cinema/audiophile scene...I have read a few copies of what hifi and S&V issues and ogled at the price tags of some of these 'exquisite' systems. Having listened to some of these ultra high end systems I am at a point of realisation where I think there is definitely a significant difference between the bargain basement Home theatre in a box from the likes of Tesco and systems with names like...B&W, Tannoy, Denon and Onkyo.

More to the point...I have £1000, and I can probably stretch it to £1500 if you include the AV receiver.

I have been trawling through the used goods market to see if there are any tasty deals...

Q1) As a first timer on budget is it a good idea to piece together the various components from somewhere like gumtree or craig's list? (I will get a chance to inspect and listen to the system...)

Q2) What's the deal with floorstanding vs bookshelf speakers? I have less space but if the quality difference is enough I don't mind trading space for precise sound...

Q3) Can I get any floorstanding speakers from a big name eg. Monitor audio x2 front, b&w x2 for the rear and 1 centre from KEF?

I have seen some very tasty bargains on used goods market, speakers going for <40% of original price, is this a no brainer deal, or should I watch out?

Sorry for the waffle at the start and volley of questions, but I thought I'd better give the readers a context.



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Oct 6, 2009
hi there, going the used route is not a bad option and I have done it a few times. The main key is to do your research. I have a liking for floorstanders but make sure you can get a matching centre for a good price.No good getting @ floorstanders or 50 quid if the matching centre is going to cost 1k. Shop around at and ask questions here, someone will always have an opinion or an answer. The onkyo 608 is a great value amp for about 450 pounds, so happy hunting!!!! And welcome to an expensive (But fun!) addictive new hobby!


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