Bluetooth Speaker Utter Bargain!

Dec 20, 2015
Hello all,

I am an audio obsessed person. I have some very nice hifi stuff and feel qualified enough to know good sound when I hear it.

I recently created a garage gym but it was devoid of a music source. So, browsing that site named after a river I saw a speaker listed at £129 but with a 12% off voucher. So £114 then. The reviews were glowing and although I was prepared to spend a lot more I figured my kids could have it if it was a bit rubbish. 2 Days ago then I received a W-King T9.1

All the speaker specs are listed on the site so have a look yourself. I really wanted to tell all about the sound. After some 20hrs playing it has really changed from its initial hard tones. It is warm, articulate and thoroughly musical. At 80w it has real punch and easily fills a double garage with your tunes. Its a hugely entertaining sound for most genres though maybe not the best choice for classical lovers. I have in the house an AudioPro C10 and although the C10 has a deeper more articulate bass, it is knocking on the door of 300 quid. The W-King more than holds its own and carries its head high here though. In terms of its price competition I have a £125 UE Boom and a Roll 2. Good speakers at the time but whilst the W-King is not waterproof it almost literally blows those two into the weeds. Additionally it sounds great at low volumes where it still retains its musicality and dynamism. If you happen to need a portable speaker I can't recommend this enough. At the money though it is incredible value. I am beyond pleased. Btw I have no affiliation with the importers. (y)
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Sep 20, 2016
Nothing under :ROFLMAO:

I've gone to other websites mentioned above and fair warning... Don't visit de-nile dot com if your kids or wife are in the room ;)

Al, you win with a genuine non adult website :D
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Feb 3, 2015
Nothing under :ROFLMAO:
On the other hand, is available to buy, currently being held by a company calling itself The Domain Agency.

I'm just a little bit tempted, just so I can have (my name) as my email address. But, I think businesses or, others I give my email address to, might think I am taking the pee...

EDIT, they want £100 plus vat. I'm no longer tempted.
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I can highly recommend a Sony SRS X55 BT speaker. I've had one for quite a few years now. I bought it following a stag do on a narrow boat. I took along a Bose Soundlink Mini and a mate took one of these - the Sony totally spanked the Bose. When I got home the Bose was gone and I bought one of these instead. It still gets very regular use for kitchen duties, in the garden for BBQ's, and also whilst camping. It delivers a clear sound and has very decent bass as it has an inbuilt rear bass unit. Very respectable sound for a BT jobbie.

Best bit is you can pick a good second hand example on ebay fairly regularly for about £50.

I can't see how much could outdo this for similar cash, or even double.
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