Blu-ray player upgrade for new Panasonic 50ST30


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Jun 30, 2008
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Blu-ray player upgrade for Panasonic 50st30, got a new tv and moving the Samsung to the bedroom, but need a new player as my Sony S370 is not 3d capable.Obvious choice is the Panasonic 210, but some members say it's quite noisy, which i also have noticed from my Sony.The question is should i wait for the 220 and do i need to get a newer cable from my Chord Carnival silver.Also what good 3d material is available, many thanks.
I cannot comment on the noise as I haven't lived with the player, but I didn't find it noisy when I checked it out.....although noise can easily be drowned in a store. The newer Panasonics will offer VIERA IPTV platform offering far more internet functionality than the existing ones, if that is what you want.

Try your existing cable first to see if it passes 3D. Chances are that it will.


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