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Dec 11, 2015

I have the following questions regarding connecting a blu ray player to my 2 channel amplifier.
My setup is a projector and a stereo amplifier. I am going to replace my DVD player with a blu ray player. I will connect the blu ray to the projector via HDMI for picture.

Now for the audio. I thought the best option considering my stereo amplifier would be to use optical from the blu ray to the amp. I realise I won't avail of multi-channel surround sound but my amp is primarily for listening to music.

My Amp: PM7005 (
Digital in: USB-B / optical / coaxial

When choosing a blu ray player what do I need to consider?
Are there any better options for my amp?
Can certain blu ray players convert 5.2 audio to 2.0 etc.?

I'd appreciate any help on this matter!



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Feb 8, 2009
Hello and welcome!

The marantz amp you chose looks like a good choice to me. I have a similar stereo setup: a blu-ray player, a dac/pre and 2 active speakers. I have used it for years for both movies and music and am still very satisfied with the results.

What I can recommend is a blu-ray player with the following features:
-Optical out
-In the audio setup menu an option to output stereo pcm.
-very important: being able to set audio delay in the blu ray player setup menu.

I have a panasonic and would recommend the newest ofspring. A very solid player.


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