Bit of Blu, sub £150


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Aug 10, 2019
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A couple of years back I pipped for HD DVD over Blu-Ray. Having exhausted the HDDVD collection I'm looking to dip my toe into the Blu market. I'm moving house, so money is tight - not looking to exceed £150.

I like the sound of some of the syncing functions on the Sonys and Panasonics - i have a panasonic 42" plasma viera and a sony str-dg820 receiver. what am i best pairing with? the sony blus all seem to have fantastic reviews and i guess would pair well with the receiver, but might i be able to get more for my money by getting a panasonic that would work well with the tv?
Both Panasonic & Sony blu-ray players will serve you well. Pairing really doesn't matter. If you buy a Panasonic BDP, you can take advantage of the Viera link to operate both TV & BDP with just one remote. You can always buy a universal remote for that if you want.


Ta. TBH, I very rarely use the tv remote anyway. in fact, i only use it to switch between dvd and sky!


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