Bi amp or not?

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Oct 29, 2019
The main point though monkey for this post and every other what do you think post, I believe is to do the basics be sure about what you think is wrong and audition other/ new components if not satisfied.
As you said before it makes answering questions rather boring. It is the right course of action.
While trying to help someone being vague and using generalisations isn't that much help really. If you think or would think or it should be / could be isn't anything but commenting for the sake of it.
You have bickered just as much as the rest of us and been a tad flat earth in your posts in the past. If you really want to help people then reiterating the basics really helps.
Why does he want to change his setup , why is he seeking others to give him an answer when we know so little about his reasoning.
It's not about being your own man more about using your ears and brain.
Ultimately what we think ain't worth a whole hill of beans.
There is no disrespect intended. In all honesty though all questions of this Ilk are honestly for the listener to decide. Musicraft and David are dealers they are experienced , seem like nice guys and time spent with them and their colleagues are the people to ask.