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Aug 10, 2019
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Simple question , what in the best Mp3/4 player out there for sound quality ( not bothered about video , apps etc ) also must support gapless playback as I mostly listen to classical , all opinions appreciated .




It seems to me, because of your reply to another post, like you have already decided what is the best, the J3. I have done lots of research on which mp3 player to buy for sound quality. The answer does seem to be the J3.

My concern is, would they release a new model in 2012, soon after the new years eve? People buy presents both to friends and relatives and to themselves, they try to buy the best model out there. So the top of the line products of major producers already sell quite well.

If there is a new model on the way, it would come after the new year so that the companies would get all the money they can out of their stuff already on the market. I wonder if I should wait more, I am planning to buy the J3... but, should I wait to get something better... I don't know.