Best IEM's for iPhone?


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Dec 2, 2007
My usual pair of IEM's that I use when out and about is a pair of Flare Audio R2S. Sound wise they are excellent but there have a few irritations in that the cable tangles if you look at it, the earpieces are not denoted L&R but also that there is no inline remote or mic. I use an iPhone 6s and it wasn't so much of an issue when I bought them but I am finding that a remote/mic would be pretty handy sometimes.

Just wondered what other iDevice owners use for IEM's with remote/mic, please? I need something with excellent sound quality along with a decent cable which is preferably in-ear rather than hooks around the ear. I really wanted to get a pair of Shure SE215 but feel the over-ear design would be quite a nuisance.

Budget around £150 max, less if possible. Any recommendations, please?


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