Fosi Audio DA2120C - Great for those who want better desktop audio


Sep 8, 2021
I needed a small audio amplifier to power two passive Yamaha speakers, 10", 10-140w since I had gotten rid of my old Pioneer receiver/amp but not the speakers. I needed this for my older Sony XBR2 TV for improved sound over the internal speakers and wanted a small, powerful amplifier that had a remote.

The Fosi DA 2120C arrived in perfect condition, was easy to hook up with RCA jacks from the TV. The sound was great and the remote worked well to adjust bass and treble with and without the Loudness function to get it sounding the way I wanted.

I decided to use the optical cable that came with the unit to further improve the sound, however it did not work. I contacted Fosi by email and they responded quickly. we tried several things but could not get it to work. Trying the amp with optical cable on another TV did work very well using the optical input on the amp. After much research I found that Sony XBR2 and XBR3 TVs will produce digital output through the audio optical out only if the TV receives the signal through the Coaxial, (Cable) input, not with HDMI, so the problem was not with the Fosi Amp but with my TV. The reason I did not use the cable input to the TV was because, not being a smart TV and not wanting to rent another cable box, I had purchased a Google Chromecast TV to get reception. It works great but can only hook to the TV via HDMI. I found that I could work around this problem if I purchased a HDMI to HDMI + Optical adaptor for around $25, but since I was only using 2-chanel stereo vs 5.1, I decided not to go any further. It sounds great using the RCA output from the TV.

I easily paired my cell phone to the Blue Tooth of the amp and it played music with excellent quality. You can power on/off and change input and volume on the amplifier or with the remote. Tone setting are done with the remote. There is no balance control, being the only thing missing.

I had an unusual issue that most people won't have. Bottom line is that the Fose DA2120C is a great little amp and if you have any issues in getting it to work with your system, the Fosi support is very responsive and they seem determined to make things right.