Best 50 Inch TV for a budget of around £600



Hi All,

Im currently looking at buying a new 50" tv for the garage after converting it. To be fair im not very technical when it comes to TV's, basically all i know is to stay away from brands like Alba, supermarket brands and so and go for a named product like Samsung, Sony and panasonic....etc!

But even then so what ive been reading there is still alot of difference between named brands and within brands themselves.

Also i dont fancy going in Currys or Comet and have some guy tell me what he thinks is best, because all i keep thinking is there must be a reason he wants to sell me a certain TV, eg he will get more comission or they must have loads of these tvs they can't get rid of.

another issue is that if i see a tv that seems a resonable price i asume it must be flawed in someway! i know i seem pessamistic but thats the true world!

i just want a good min 4 star tv for my money and like to think that when ive purchased it i got a good deal.

My budget may strecth a little but not a great deal as it aint my main tv and also im skint!

Any feedback or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks, (from a TV novice)


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