B&W Partnered with Polk Audio - thoughts


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi All,

After a recent lightning storm which took out my home theatre system my insurance company has finally agreed to replace everything.

This is the kit that they want to replace everything with is as follows:

Yamaha RX-V767

B&W 683 Floorstanders


B&W 685 Rears

Now the sub woofer, I have the option of taking the B&W ASW610 or the Polk Audio DSW Pro500.

I would like to stay with a full B&W kit, but the Polk Audio sub has tested and reviewed phenomenally everywhere and now I am unsure whether to substitute the ASW610 for the DSW Pro500 as both these subs come in at around the same price.

My home theater room is 6m x 4m but is double volume.

I use the system primarily for movies but sometimes listen to music DVD's and music CD's.

What would you experts recommend?

Thanks a million!


Honestly, I don't think the having the same brand sub is that important. It comes down to a matter of which one you prefer the sound of. I have the ASW610 and it's a very nice sub. The bass is tight, making it very suitable for music playback. From reading some reviews, it seems to be a popular sub, though I've read a few reviews where they seem to just stop working. The DSW Pro 500 sounds like a really nice sub. I haven't heard it, but as you said, from the reviews it sound nice.

Given you wish to use it predominantly for movies, I'll suggest the B&W as it 'goes lower'. It will also work well for audio.