audiolab 8200cd and acoustic energy aelite3 speakers .what amp around £750?

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hifilover1979 said:
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hifilover1979 said:
Dude... No offence but you're not helping the OP instead of going on about how no one can hear the difference between amps blah, blah & blah; why don't you offer some advice of which amp you think the OP should consider OR leave the thread be & start your own thread about amps & how they all have the same sound & see where you get with that!
Actually i am helping him, I am giving him information based on facts and years of research that has been carried out.

what i am not doing is giving him advice which is purely subjective as you are.

Any amps from the following manufacturers would be an excellent choice. Nad, Audiolab, Rotel, Creek, Quad, Cyrus.
Please can you provide links to these facts & research then please! My advice isn't subjective as such; it's through experience of knowing the speakers & hearing the various amps with them
In which case it's wholly subjective based on your interpretations and preferences arising from what you've heard and the conclusions you're subsequently couldn't be more subjective if you tried!


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Oct 30, 2008
Wow! it seems ive opened a whole can of worms.Thanks again for all the input from everyone.

So if a take a piece of imformation from everyone my observations are. my amp is good but could be improved 6 or 8 power and also there is not much between any of the amps at £750 level .so Leema pulse ex demo ,Roksan k2 ,Audiolab 82000a,Nait 5i and even the Xtz is an option (not heard of the xtz before )so they will all do roughly the same job it would be a matter of personal taste.

Has anyone demoed the XTZ?


The naim doesn not much on the technical specification of their amps. The other manufacturers do give detailed info on the amplifiers performance however. Why Naim dont do this i dont know. You could email them for more information. The Roksan Kandy k2 seems to be a very high powered integrated at 120w into 8ohms, but they only give one distortion figure at 1khz, worth emailing them and just check what the worst case is ver the entire audio band.



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