Audio Quality of Nvidia RTX 3080 HDMI Audio vs High Quality DAC


Jul 7, 2021
I couldn't find any data about SnR distortion while using my graphics cards HDMI audio. The maximum audio signal outputs at 24bit 192kHz and I just am unsure if I should introduce a higher quality audio device to run into my Yamaha RX-V6A. I tried a cheap 32bit 384kHz type-C usb DAC meant for phones and then output through a trrs 3.5mm cable to RCA and I noticed no difference.

Could someone help me figure out if I could increase quality buy using a USB DAC? I mostly stream from Amazon Music (because I get it for $0.99 a month). I used to use Tidal but did not like MQA and found Amazon sounded better IMHO.

Also, does anyone see the worth of moving to an Emotiva 5 Channel Amp and using the RX-V6a as a pre-out, or even getting the Emotiva amp and a different pre amp.

Speakers are: Front L/R - Triangle BR08, Center - Klipsch RC-62 II (replacing very soon for either Definitive Demand D5C or KEF mQ600C) , Surround Rear L/R - KEF Q350

Lastly, any advice on whether to go with the Definitive Tech Demand D5C Center or the KEF Q600C?


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