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Jan 21, 2022
Well I feel that he/she did offend me. That's what sent me into stupid rage. And expressed me to say a completely (profanity deleted by moderation) statement like the superior ****. I'm no fool, but the new punchbag. If I waited ten more weeks I would have bought the Yamaha SA 1200 . Now I'm stuck with the 701. Two pairs. Important to me.
Ian, be reasonable sir, you have brought this on yourself with the sweeping statement on your first post here. Many on here have decades of hi-fi experience and David is actually a hi-fi dealer so I'm certain there was no disrespect intended whatsoever. He is a very decent chap and has been a member for many years offering very sound advice to members.

Shall we try to start again? Maybe tell us what your current kit consists of and what you are trying to achieve instead of belittling other members who have a cracking system to their ears.

Price, brand or kit doesn't always determine exemplary performance. Good sound is always in the ear of the beholder, not in their wallet.

Peace man (y)
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