Arcam SA30 or Audia Flight FL Three S?

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Aug 18, 2007
These Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers stop and start on a dime with the right amplification. The drum kick is life like. For these demanding speakers the amp volume setting did not even go 12 o clock in my medium sised room.
I don' t want to get anyone jaloes. I'm 46 jears old and when i looked at the price of these speakers a year ago they are not for me, but in a crazy mindset i bought these speakers. They have not got the typical Dynaudio sound that i love, they do to some extent but with more realism. They are very revealing and musical. One thing is sure, don't feed them with class D amplification.
After 20 years or more in this hobby i might have got to my final destination. I'm actually found it hard to get and go listen to my music in my room as i know once i'm listening i can't stop, it's very addictive. Being a family man i do so on command, almost feel guilty.
I have to try this amp on my bigger speakers...
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