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Jul 23, 2008
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Well having lived with iOS5 for a few days now, there are certainly some great functions there....I particularly like the ability to have multi windows (tabs) in Safari and also quite like the notification centre and iMessage function.

But I must say I really cannot see the point of this iCloud......first of all my understanding is that the iPad has to be connected and plugged into a wall socket and secondly whenever I have asked it to backup (3 or 4 times now) it takes forever......i.e. at least two hours. I wouldnt mind but I have only set it up to backup my calander........Seriously???? I am going to wait 2 hours just to backup a few dates???????

I might as well sync the device with my outlook calender and it's backued up and snyced within 10 minutes!!!!

As for documents I feel that Dropbox is a more versatile and workable tool for those.

Anybody else have this problem with iCloud????


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I think the rational behind it is that most users leave their devices on charge over night. The only time my phone is both plugged in and locked is bed time, so the backup procedure can't kick in when I'm using it. Cant comment why it takes two hours, my iPhone only takes 20 minutes and everything is syncd.

So far I have been pretty impressed with iCloud, something I bookmarked on my Mac popped up on my iPad for instance. It all seems prety transparent. As usual though with Apple products, if you dont fit in to the usage pattern intended for the product, things can be a bit awkward.


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