Anyone could review the in-ear headphone


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Jul 19, 2016
I am newbie named David and i have been checking out the whathifi forum and i am so pretty glad to join one of the most professional and influenced audio discussion group,the forum must gather tons of technical reviewer excelling in in honest review I could refer ,that's why i joined the forum, I have found a in-ear earphone coming with high resoulution heavy bass stereo sound on amazon that I am interested in, being sold by the well-known yccteam seller. I've seen many reviews for other earphone, but this one is particularly affordable and highly praised. I'm very tempted to purchase, but id like to know if these review are unbiased! Has anyone got this headphone similar and wouldn't mind giving a quick run down of what it is like? Or if anyone can find some information on it as well, that would be great.I am not a English speaker,forgive my poor grammar

I paste the link to the listing


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