AirPlay video to av reciever


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Sep 3, 2009
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Hello I have been using AirPlay to okay music to my Marantz Av reciever with no problems at all. I tried to stream something from YouTube but all I could hear wa the sound. Can Av reciever play AirPlay video or do I need to buy an apple tv?


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Yep, you will need an Apple TV to stream video content by Airplay. You are quite restricted to what content video you can stream to an ATV, but installing XMP or Firecore will allow it to play pretty much anything. Bare in mind the ATV3 can't yet be jailbroken, and Firecore haven't finished their version of the software either.

If you are a Mac user, Mountain Lion will negate the need for this anyway as it will enable Airplay Screen sharing, so you can stream your monitors contents to the ATV.