Jul 20, 2022
Hi everyone, I'm new to chat and to the world of audio and would like some advice, I'm about to buy a hifi:
Audiolab 6000A
KEF Q750
Project Debut PRO
Audiolab 6000 CDT

and I'm between an Audiolab 6000N or a BlueSound Node Gen3??


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A few thoughts:-

1. The most important thing with a streamer is its app, and general ease of use. If it cannot play your preferred service or sort albums as you wish then it’ll be a disaster. Get a demo in a shop, or a guaranteed return option.

2. Audiolab make a Play version of your amp with the streamer built in. That will save money, boxes and is probably easier to install.

3. The rub is, Audiolab’s choice of DTS PlayFi isn’t well liked, especially in comparison to the much better Bluesound.

4. As you’ve probably seen the Bluesound doesn’t come in a regular box, so needs siting suitably.

5. Most importantly, have you heard the combination you list? If not, then please try to rectify that. You can’t choose audio from a website, forum, or magazine. You need to hear it and play with everything!

Good luck.
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Feb 11, 2021
I would not choose the Play version of the Audiolab. Reviews of that streaming platform are not great. Other than that, the 6000A is very good

However, if the Q750's are bass heavy/under damped speakers (?) you may find the 6000A too much of a good thing.
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Jun 28, 2015
Bluesound Node has an onboard DAC which is dull sounding and uninvolving for my tastes. But if you love it and must have it you can buy mine (white in immaculate condition).

I would go as follows: ifi Zen One Signature, which has excellent bluetooth implementation, first rate DAC and the ability to use all the streaming services natively via bluetooth and avoid the dog's dinner of BlueOS and other software. You can also plug other sources into it as it has RCA out, optical and coaxial connections. The sound using LDAC is first rate and I miss nothing detail wise compared to the full hi-res on the Node (I have the Zen blue, and the One Signature is supposed to be a couple of steps above this in SQ).
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