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Aug 10, 2019
I am after some advice about balancing a new system and suggestions on products please.

The system will be 80% HC, viewing distance will only be, for day to day use, around 7.5 to 8.5 ft, although with furniture moved back for movie night will increase to just over 9ft. I am tempted with either the Pioneer 428 or 508?
Room is 18ft x 12ft.
Music is guitar/light rock type.

I have a MJ Acoustics Pro 50 already as my sub -probably not upgrading??

I have an Arcam Alpha 7 CD player -again probably not upgrading??

My budget is;-

AV receiver -£600
Speakers -£1000
DVD player - £450

(This is based on me keeping the Arcam CD player and sub.)
It is also based on buying the 508 so maybe able to go bit higher if I go for the 42".

Speakers I have looked at include MA Radius (5x225s?), Bronze and silver, Kef iQ5, M&K etc!!??? AV Amp the Onkyo 607 or 705? Please help me put a system together

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
Hi Gareth

I'd have no argument with you buying either of the Pioneer plasmas - they're both fab - and yes, you'd be fine to keep the MJ Acoustics sub and Arcam CD player.

As for AV receiver, I'd buy the Onkyo TX-SR605 (£400) which is our Product of the Year and well within your budget. Speakers? There are plenty of options within your budget, but I'd point you in the direction of KEF's KHT3005SE package - bang on the money at £1000, although you'd need to check if they'd sell it to you without the sub for less.

Alternatively, there's the Monitor Audio Radius 90AV-12 (£1350) and MA Silver RS1AV (£1650) packages - a dealer might sell you the front/rear and centre speakers without the sub to fit your budget.

And for DVD you should consider the Marantz DV7001 (£600), another of our Products of the Year. Yes, it's £150 more than your budget, but you're saving £200 on the AV receiver so you'll still have £50 left over for cables etc. Assume your not interested in HD DVD or Blu-ray at this stage?


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