400$ amp vs 700$ amp debate, worth it? (Marantz vs Cambridge Audio)

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If you're enjoying the Cambridge with the Qs, then I'd forget worrying about how the Denon would have sounded.

The Denons are excellent value and offer a lot of the qualities of Marantz (their sister company) but with additional clarity, but they aren't necessarily going to be 'better' than what you've bought. I once had a Cambridge Audio 740A (really a predecessor of the CXA60) and it was one of the more satisfying amplifiers I've owned.

Arsenio Erico

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Jun 28, 2020
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Before purchasing the CXA61 I was really worried about the lack of tone controls. Many people here suggested that if it is a good recording I'm listening to, I wouldn't need any tone controls. They were right.
After a few months with the CXA61 (and the real run-in period) I have got used to the lack of tone controls. I don't think I need them. However, if I had the option, I would totally add TC. All in all, I don't think it's much of a deal now. Most records sound really good, but I do have an lp I really wish were better recorded! but somehow I love listening to it just as it is. It sounds garage-ish and that is part of the fun.
As a musician myself, I find it nice to find out that a few albums I really like, sound worse than the tracks I record for my own musical project! Ha!
Listening to albums now is like a discovery adventure, being able to tell how well recorded an album is is a joy! or how poorly recorded it was!
Next step is to improve my speakers, but meanwhile I'm loving every second of my setup.
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