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Aug 10, 2019
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:pray: Hi, new to Forums, so please be gentle with me!

I have a £3000 budget for a new TV and Home cinema system and an opertunity to completely re decorate the lounge, allowing cables to be hidden in walls ect. Have read plenty of reviews and visited a few specialist Hi-Fi shops. I'm getting close to the point were cables need to be fitted prior to plastering and floor laying. The good lady wife has permitted the fitting of small discreet speakers to achieve 5.1 surround system. I hope to purchase this weekend the following:- Cambridge audio Minx S325 5.1 white speakers, Onkyo TXNR 609 AV Receiver, Onkyo BD-SP809 3D blue Ray Player (both chrome finish) and a Panasonic TX-P42GT50 TV.

Any comments would be gratefully received, I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance that this set up will work, ie give me discreet wall mounted speakers (keeps the boss happy) that give a pretty good sound for movies and a 3D ready TV system that will work with Sky HD box. Also like to know if there is a single remote available to work all this equipment, as cant stand or if I'm honest can't understand the different functions on all the remotes, would love an idiot proof box to make life simple.


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Nov 21, 2010
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Sounds like a nice setup :)

My only real comment (not having seen your room), is to ask if you have room for a larger TV? If you have space for a 50" it may be beneficial in the long run. If not, then great choice of TV.

There are plenty of universal remotes, and I use and would recommend a Logitech Harmony One. Be warned, however, I would not describe this (or any universal remote to control all those components) as 'idiot proof': it takes some time to set up and a thorough understanding of your existing remotes helps no end. Once it's sorted, tho, it's brilliant and should be usable by anyone.

And welcome to the forum :)


Hi Ben. Thanks for reply. The 50" TV is neally 8" wider then my outgoing 40" Sony, but wil have another look, the room will probably take the extra size. Will check out the remote you suggested as well. Again thank you.


ear said:
you deserve better speakers han the minx's.I'd go for a cheaper blu-ray player and better speakers

I agree completely with ear, look at Q Acoustics Q7000, Kef T105 or Better still the new B&W MT50 speakers.


Hi Guys. Thank you for your comments. Been out this afternoon and tested the B&W MT 50s and the Boston acoustics soundware xs 51 se. Maybe it's me but they all sound really good. Im thinking of sticking with the Cambridge minx speakers at present but installing really good quality cables to allow for a real quality speaker system in the future. Any advice on what cables to install.

And Ben, viewed the new Panasonic Tx-P50GT50 today and think your right, I'm definitely going to squeeze in the 50" TV.



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