2.1 system for Samsung LE32M87BDX


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've ordered a Samdung LE32M87BDX which is arriving tomorrow and I want to buy some 2.1 speakers to hook up to it for watching movies and playing my PS3. Now, this is only a bedroom setup and there isn't a lot of room so size is an issue.

What I'm looking for is a sub and 2 small speakers to improve sound. I have about £100 to play with, the size of the sub isn't important as this doesn't have to be right where the tv is, but the speakers have to be on the small side, can anyone suggest a good combination of sound to size within my price range? I've heard good things about the Acousitc Energy Aego M (http://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk/Product_range/Aego_series/Aego_M.asp) and Whathifi rated them highly. They seem to be a bargain @ £80, will these hook up to my Samsung without a problem?

I appreciate any feedback


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