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Jul 22, 2023
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Mumford and sons "Holland road"

Woke up despite being in love and happy thus engaged reminiscing over a past love after playing this track.

It won't be missed on the audience here that music to some evokes a deep emotional response of past, present and possible future events.

The years of fighting and make ups being the main stay of the past relationship which was a whirlwind of emotion and baggage beyond most people's limits she indeed regularly "cut me down" only to give me some of my strongest years.

All courtesy of my old faithful A-400 and just as old Marantz cd52 mk2 via QA 3050i's.
I have a much more expensive main hifi yet for some things that old budget award winning pair in particular just does it better particularly as I have a deep sentimental attachment growing up with them from 10yrs old within my father's one of many hifi's before coming to me for repair due to his ill health and consequently been gifted over.


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