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Question Your be all and end all amplifier, and now it's not.....

Al ears

Have you ever bought that 'forever' amplifier only to realise that it is no longer that?
I bought my Tom Evans Audio amplification directly from the man himself and it was stunning. Not cheap I admit but in those days I had the money and it did more than I wanted and more.
These days, with my hearing failing slightly in one ear, and the wife working from home, I no longer feel I am able to use it as I once did.
It has no balance control, and perhaps more importantly, no headphone socket.
I am actively looking for a replacement that has both and this is purely down to age and current circumstances.
My thoughts are turning now to the likes of Parasound Halo Hint 6 (designed by another amplifier guru Mr. Curl) and the good old Luxman brand.
Anyone else found out their desired classic turned out to be not quite that?


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I thought my previous amp, (Marantz Pearl Lite/PM8004), would be my be all and end all, with no need for any changes... until I plugged it in! I could hardly tell any difference from the PM6004 it replaced, I was totally underwhelmed by it. I was not in a position to do much about it and I guess over the 6 years of ownership I resigned myself to the fact that I had to be content with it, but if I'm honest I was never truly satisfied with its performance unless I cranked the volume dial. It was a good amp but just not as spectacular as I had hoped.

My recent purchase has confirmed to me that I should have jumped two levels if I wanted to hear a significant difference in performance. A lesson learnt.
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Jez l

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May 1, 2020
I think and hope I'm in the opposite camp.

Every bit of gear in my system only has one function. I like this approach as I just have to swap out one bit of gear if the upgrade bug bites.

I like the sound of my power amps and they are powerful so I see no reason to change for the foreseeable.
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