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Question Yamaha R-N803 + Monitor Audio Silver 500?


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Apr 30, 2012
If it's possible, try to audition some stuff and let your ears decide. I, for instance, don't really like Yamaha amps, but you might. Speakers are, besides a personal choice (which everything in audio is), also supposed to match your room - for instance, some need to be placed at a greater distance from walls than others in order to not get boomy or whatever. At this budget, besides the Yamaha and the MA, try to audition amps made by Rotel, Marantz, Rega, Quad and speakers from B&W, Dali, Q Acoustics, Kef and others. If you also need a source (which is included in a reciever like the Yamaha) you can use a Yamaha wxad 10 or Bluesound Node 2i or used Cambridge Audio CXN v2 (if you have the budget for the latter two - the Yamaha wxad 10 is pretty cheap and really good).



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