Will the CD player ever die out?

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Lee H

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Oct 7, 2010
Death by China said:
Who still buys CD's?

Me. Spotify to try it out, CD to own it. I can rip as many copies as I like (personal use only obviously).

The rise of the car didn't mean all horses died out, they just stopped being the primary form of long distance travel. Same with the CDP. The rise of portable digital doesn't mean the CDP will die.

Look how many people still own a turntable.


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Mar 30, 2011

I keep a big collection of CD's with that system and that's what I listen to. Often with a computer or Ipod type arrangement you can't resist fiddling, and you stop listening. A bit like trying to choose something to watch when you have dozens of channels.

A brilliant statement :) completely sums it up for me :clap:


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Feb 23, 2011
Death by China said:
Who still buys CD's?

And me, I buy more cd's now than I ever did.

I haven't sat down and listened to a cd for years though, I don't even have a cd player. They are all ripped to FLAC and then stored in the loft.

I don't buy any downloads because the quality is rubbish. Would I buy downloads if I could get the same quality as CD, no probably not. The only way I would possibly convert to buying media in download format would be if you could get proper Hi-res downloads. Even then they would have to be the same price if not cheaper than the CD counterpart.

CD's will die out though, as my generation (and that's young compared to a lot of you on here :-D) stops sucking air the younger generation, who are growing up with downloads, will carry on doing just that and the CD will be consigned to history.


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Jun 2, 2008
Death by China said:
Who still buys CD's?


I have the CD of... The Chambers Brothers 'Now!' arriving tomorrow.

I was watching 'The Wire' (sorry, it was on DVD) and heard this tune. I used Shazam to identify it. Then I used Youtube to hear the whole track.

iTunes preview to listen to 90 second clips of the other tracks.

Ordered CD from amazon.

I will play the CD (as a CD) then I will rip it to iTunes - in lossless - to play on my system via AirPlay (controlled from my iPhone). After that the CD will be filed away with my others.

Less than 10 years ago I would have only considered buying the vinyl LP (and would have taped it to cassette!). Just over two years ago I would still have had a turntable on which to play it.

Heck, I still love FM radio. (Although I also use TuneIn Radio Pro - via AirPlay from my iPhone - and record radio programmes to the HDD in my Humax from Freeview radio.)

Just give me a bit more time to completely catch-up with your hip, 'new' technology DBC.


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