Why do i need to have on my Onkyo 606 to watch and listen to Sky box


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Aug 10, 2019
Please help me with this one,

I have bought an Onkyo 606, 3 Chord HDMI cables, PS3, Sony Bravia 46" HD TV and SKY HD

The problem is this my Sky HD box, PS3 are connected to my 606 with two Chord silver plus HDMI cables, then the third cable out from the 606, to my Sony HDTV, 720

But it seems i have to have the 606 on all the time or i can't view SKY, the PS2 is ok becuase i will always have the 606 on when using the PS3, for BD or games, but I do not seem to have an option of just watching SKY without having the 606 on.

My tv and SKY HD box only have one HDMI, or i would have another Chord cable as a direct route, my TV has a Component input, so would the only way round this be to have an audio cable L & R and component cable coming from my SKY HD box in to my TV.

I thought the 606 could pass through the audio/video without it being on like a video player would with a scart.

My old Denon 2805 was connected via optical = PS3, coax = SKY HD for audio the HDMI cable went direct to the TV, but I changed to harness the new HD audio and Master audio codecs.

One more thing, when watching HD content through my Onkyo 606, should I let it do the processing of the video?

can i turn it off?

what is better?


From a quick Google search it would appear the Onkyo does have pass through on stand-by, so I'd suggest you get out the manual and have a look for that (pg 81 apparently, under Power Control).


Thanks, got it and works a treat, dont need to buy any more cables to add to he spagetti behind the tv.

What about onkyo video, is it good to use it to process, I use it and dont see any problem with loss.