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Which song are you listening to and on which music stream?

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Aug 24, 2020
Movie sound Tracks, Hans Zimmer Guilty of being innocent, from Lord of the rings , The White tree, Avitar, Becoming one of the people. Ext... .BBC big band orchestra various tunes, Country, Alabama Born country, In a hurry, Michel Jon Montgomery, I Swear, long as I live, Christian , Josh Baldwin, Evidence, Phillips, Crag,and Dean, Concert of the age, Steven Curtiss Chapman, more to this life.
All on Deezer HD
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Mar 20, 2021
I used to think that I was special, that I was a music lover. But over time, communicating with other people, I realized that I am the same as many others. That my tastes are multifaceted. I love classics, but I also love post-hardcore. I love techno, but I also love rap. And each music belongs to a different activity. On a run, I can listen to Eminem and Drake. While working in the coop (I live with parents and my main task is to fill a chicken feeder with food) I can listen to ARTBAT and Fatboy Slim. Sitting on the porch of my house and drinking beer, I can listen to Tchaikovsky. And I realized that this is normal for me.

Do you have the same tastes or do you only listen to one kind of music?

But right now I'm listening to Fatboy Slim in Brighton (I think it is the best set)
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Nov 11, 2020
"Variety is the Spiece of Life". I feel very fortunate to be in the era we are living in with the choice of music that we have. I'm open to most genres of music, and not just "western" music either by artists from Europe, the UK or America. I'm in the middle of opening my horizons to Japanese and Korean music. The only thing different I have found is the language. How they convey feelings in music is the same.

Music is one of those great mediums which can tell a story. Sounds that create emotion and feelings. We all look at it differently and appreciate it in our own way depending on our own circumstances. What we listen to can be dictated by our mood, subconciously as well as consiously.

I like music across genres whether it's well established artists, indie artists, or mixers who use vocaloids. However the music that conveys properly what the artist intended i appreciate that little bit more. Whether it's music where the lyrics match the emotion in the song, or a music score that I can lose myself in and become invested in.

And with that i'll leave you with "Take your Hands" by Yuki Kajiura. What does this make you feel?

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-1EBo16URk
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