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Hi.I am new on here today .I have had my present system for a few years now.I hava a Sony TA-FE570 amp and Sony CDP-XE570 cd player and a pair of Mission 701 speakers.I would like some advice on what would be my best way to upgrade the system without having to change all the components.They were all 5 star rated (Whathifi ) in their day but times have changed and I have been out of touch for a few years so I would appreciate any advice.I recieved some Mordaunt short 902i`s yesterday and hooked them up to the system on stands and it shows how different an amp can sound, They are good little speakers but a bit on the small side and wern`t at the right listening level so there would be too much expence in buying taller stands.I would like some speakers about the same height as the 701`s even a good pair of second hand ones. Budget for speakers £ 100-£200.even if they are a few years old but would be compatable with my system or please let me know if I would be better changing something else. Thanks in anticipation.

This is tricky one as all your components seem to be competent. Although I've not heard the Missions, there are a few on here who rate the Mission 751s.

From your current set-up I've only heard the amp and I would suggest the CDP and speakers could be the weakest link here. Other than Missions, try listening to Wharfedale Diamonds 9.1 or 10.1 or perhaps B&W 685s.


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