What Pre-amps have you tried/heard with Cyrus power amps???

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Jun 18, 2012
CnoEvil said:
BigColz said:
oh ok.. I assumed it was class as he warms it up apparently.. (I haven't heard it.. Bear in mind my friend is relaying via text and clueless).... He put this.... I'm at my sisters listening to her boyfriends rig. Focal beryllium electra be speakers with musical fidelity kw 550 amp, plus metrum acoustics dac... It's late cant be arsed to look it up but heard those speakers are pretty cool and used some metal or technology that was pretty unique at the time.. I'm sure you can elaborate ;)
Very nice, well thought out system. The big MF would work really well with the Focal and I've heard good things about the Metrum Dac, which is a NOS type....the whole effect would be very musical.

Edit. As for the 35i, I have no idea when they are making more.....may depend on how many people on here I can talk into getting one!!
Yeah the tube pre must give it a fluid sound.. hes had it upgraded recently too so may try and get a listen... Demoing the m6i next sat if i love the sound I may just put an order in for a 35i ;)



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