What is the best TV; Home Cinema and HI-Fi combination?


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Aug 10, 2019
After 12 years I am going to update all my entertainment equipment but I want it to be simple to use through one remote control. I want a flat screen TV and home cinema system integrated with the ability to play Radio and CD's and connect an MP3 player. I have looked at Bang & Olufsen - fantastic kit but far too expensive - and have spent some time looking at the Sony Shop in Salisbury where I was quite taken with the KDL-40X3000 combined with HT-SS1100 and the RDR-HXD870 DVD Recorder/Player. The only thing missing seems to be DAB which is a shame. I believe I should be buying 100hz and 24fps technology? I normally buy Philips TV's but have read that Pioneer and Panasonic are worth considering. As I intend to keep this new kit for some time budget is not a major problem but I do want future proofing and value for money. My viewing habits tend to be biased towarsd films and therefore I may consider a Blue Ray player at some time. What would you experts recommend.


I want it to be simple to use through one remote control.

If I was you I would try hard to get over this one control thing you see as a full kit sony, pioneer or philips will do you very good setups but if you want the best each company has its own strengths. If you look at 2006 awards mag you will see the best tv's come from pioneer the best speakers from kef the best amps from onkyo and so it goes but the only way is to ask a local store for a demo, there is nothing like seeing it in the flesh and also you must like the overall build and design of the products.but stick to what hi fi five star items and you wont go far wrong.


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