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Sep 6, 2007
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I have the Jamo 5.1 budget winner all wired up, channeled into our newly decorated lounge. However, I need to extend the speaker cable as I have had to move the receiver and will probably need another foot or so of cable for each speaker. I know it's not ideal to blend cables together but I'm not getting the room decorated again and I don't want any cables showing, so redoing them and having cables showing is a no too. My questions are, can joining cables do any damage? Would the sound be that worse because of joins? And, could I join similar cable (I don't have any left of the cable that came with the speaker set - I know I should have used better cable than what they give you but I was ignorant of this at the time.)? I have a very similar cable from an old Sony mini system which I could use. Please someone, Andrew, Clare, Thaiman, can this be done???


Why not? provided its got a good strong connection between the two ends and is insulated properly, no problems.


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