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Jun 2, 2015
Does anyone wonder how Samsung won so many awards in the What Hifi awards this year, when there are clearly better TV's out there ???????

I just can't figure out how these TV's are given these awards when the competition is so stiff.

http://www.whathifi.com/sony/kd-55xd9305/review - Doesn't go as bright as others......so brightness is everything. The Samsung models don't maintain a high brightness level, which HD TV test has highlighted but What Hifi have chosen t ignore it and the motion judder issue also.

http://www.whathifi.com/panasonic/tx-65dx902b/review - against.....it's got a wide stand. How does this mean that the Samsung is better ?

On top of that, since the 2014 range, only 2 Samsung TV's have not scored 5 stars in What Hifi. How is that possible ? Surely there have been some Samsung models that have fallen below the hard to get 5 stars ? I know my JS8000 wasn't which is why I returned it.

I'm starting to wonder if these What Hifi reviews are as accurate as I thought they were.



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Mar 3, 2010
bigdavemc said:
I'm starting to wonder if these What Hifi reviews are as accurate as I thought they were.


To play devil's advocate, no reviews are 'accurate', they're all someone's opinion. And the fact you can pick up a different magazine and get a different set of opinions just goes to show the subjectivity of it all. Other than accepting it's just difference of opinion, the only other answer is to suggest there's some kind of collusion or backhanding going on, which of course is libellous and I'm sure you're not at all suggesting that. We've been there once and it nearly got messy.

You'd be right to ask though what's the point of reading reviews of products in magazines whose reviewers' subjective opinions don't mirror yours. That of course is a different matter.


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bigdavemc said:
I'm starting to wonder if these What Hifi reviews are as accurate as I thought they were.

Or the Sky Q award when they seem so unreliable. Then there's the Canton soundbars with their reliability problems. The love-in with Apple is beyond a joke.

Amazingly, I have to agree with the Major. Reviews are just someone's opinion that may or may not match that of the reader. Luckily for us we have the forum to get other people's opinions too.
jjbomber said:
Joe Cox said:
Apple love-in? Our only Award-winning phone was the LG G5...

You ran 13 'adverts' or 'stories' on the Apple. How many was it on the LG G5?
You don't pay to access this site. There is no doubt that Apple products get more internet hits than any other phone, including the LG G5. It's got nothing to do with "Apple love-in". More viewership generates more revenue. Apple TV got only 3 stars.


Jan 29, 2013
If you use the reviews as a helpful guide to shortlist a few potential candidates for you to try then they are being used as they should, as a guide, not the gospel.

we are all different, we all have different wants, needs, preferences, etc.

What may be right for one person could be wrong for another.

Thats what I do, then I ignore all the advice and buy blind.