what height for tv


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all

I Will hopefully after christmas be getting a new tv (my sony 32" tube is on the way out) so a perfect excuse. I was wondering though what height you guys/girls have mounted your tv's on the wall. Is there a correct height or is it a matter of taste, also i went to house the other day and saw a tv mounted on the wall with the cables dangling down underneath and i feel it ruined the whole image, is there a way you can hide cables.



What hi fi recommend that the centre of the tv should be at eye level, when seated. i'm going to mount mine slightly higher, just so my stereo speaker will fit underneath. Horses for courses, i think.
Hiding cables, either use box trunking as a very short term measure or channel out the walls, then plaster over them.
Unless you're very lucky and the room behind your set-up is a gaage where you can drill holes in te walls behind the tv, then another behind your av amp/source and connect them with 'on show' in the garage, where it does'nt matter as much


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Nov 26, 2007
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i used a lenght of plastic kitchen sink waste pipe ! as i had my lcd half way up the lounge wall i cut a lenght to sit up under the tv in the center and down to just behind my glass stand , then with a stanley knife cut a slit all the way down the pipe and thread all your cables in , then paint it to match the colour of your wall ! sounds rubbish but does look good plus you dont have to drill any holes in your wall etc you just have a small lenght of round tube going from your stand to your tv the same colour as your wall !!