Well, what a car surprise.

Nothing to do with my Alfa.

One of my many Triumphs I owned in the 80s and early 90s, my fav was a Inca yellow 1980 "W" reg Dolly Sprint. So I tried to trace the car. Added the reg plate in a DVLA search site and it was SORN in 2020.

By luck more than judgement, I found an old advert on the internet with my Dolly for sale. There was a mobile number. Thought I'd call it, even though he might think I was a nutter. This person was obliging and he even sent across some photos. He lived 10 miles up the road from me. The car had been resprayed badly, according to the former owner. Wasn't me as the car was only 5 years old when I purchased it. It was in great condition. He owned it in 2015. All he could remember was car was purchased by someone in the west of England.

So I thought I'd put out a request on Twitter, "if anyone knows or who owns this car please contact me" I added the reg number plate. This was in Oct this year. On Christmas eve someone messaged me on Facebook saying they now own my old Sprint.

After exchanging several messages, it is my car. They live on the outskirts of Bristol.

Apparently a friend of this middle-aged couple found it in a scrapyard near Bristol. This friend was going to fit a BMW engine to the Dolly (weird). The couple purchased the car & they've started restoring it. It should be completed by June, and when completed they've invited me to view and drive it.

They've sent me a photo which I've screenshot. It is just a shell.

How it looks in 2022, 2015 & circa 1986

This is it looked when I owned it.
View: https://youtu.be/9iAk-cPao-A


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I'm convinced - this sounds weird - cars find you.

What are the chances of coming across a obscure website where my old car was being advertised, and the owners mobile number is still on there from 7 years previously? And then the car was found earlier this year in a knackers yard, purchased and now on the verge of being restored back to new condition?

This was the advert.


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