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Aug 10, 2019
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After moving into an older house with thick walls the wifi signal is very patchy in most rooms. I have the original NetGear router as supplied by Sky.

Any suggestions on how I might improve signal strength. I have seen replacement aerials (Maplins) that will boost signal strength for about £20. Also I believe Sky now do a Wireless N router but there is no clue on the Sky site as to how you miht get your hands on one of these.

Any other options??


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Jul 4, 2011
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Why not phone sky customer support and tell them the problem. They might send you the new one But im thinking you might have the same problem even with another router. maybe the signal booster route will be your best option or get some devolo homeplugs


thanks for help guys.

I will give a Sky a ring (when I have a couple of hours to spare) to see if they will send me a new Wireless N router but I suspect buying my own might be easier.


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Jan 10, 2009
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Definately give Sky a call (ask for technical help, as they may be more inclined to send out a new router than the general helpline operatives). I had recent problems with my router and broadband connection and the engineer at the Orange technical helpline arranged for an upgraded router to be sent out.

If you keep the original router, there are other options in addition to the one mentioned above where a new N router is added and used just for the wireless duties in your home....

e.g. a wireless extender, which plugs into an electrical socket away from the room in which your wireless router is located and acts as a wireless relay station; or.....

Powerline transmission, sending data along the domestic mains wiring; or...

A combination of the two, such as the Devolo Powerline units which have a wireless N repeater station located in one of the remote units. The domestic mains connecting that unit to your main router.



I sent an email to sky explaining the issue and asking for replacement router. I'll follow this up with a phone call at the weekend.

As an interim solution I called into Maplins last night and picked up a high gain aerial fro £20. http://www.maplin.co.uk/compact-high-gain-directional-corner-antenna-for-wireless-networks-38205

This has improved the signal significantly. I now get a stable 3+mb in the living room before it was a very unstable ~800kb. Not the 20mb I am paying for but a big improvement.

I think ultimately I will go down the mains extender route as this seems to be a pretty simple and effective solution.



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