Upgrade to Rotel 820A & Celestion DL4s


Jun 24, 2021
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Recently upgraded my Marantz CD53 to CD6007 after 31 years. There was a significant difference, so I am now wondering whether I need to upgrade the old Rotel 820A and Celestion DL4s. The PM6007 is an obvious choice, but the array of speaker options seems a little overwhelming. Quite fancy floor standing speakers, or is this just aesthetics? Currently looking at Oberon 5's, which when bundled with the PM6007 for £900 seems a great deal. However, is it worth upgrading? Is this bundle significantly better than the trusty Rotel/Celestion combination. Has technology moved on that much?

In haste I purchased a Denon DM41 18 months back for a second room, but they did sound crisper than the Rotel/Celestion combo.

Any thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated.


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