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system upgrade - where to spend


Well-known member
Aug 20, 2007
I have a Rotel RA-05 amp with a Marantz CD6002 cd player and B & W 685 speakers on Z2 stands. Cables are QED silver anniversary with a val den hul the name interconnect. I have got the upgrade bug and having read the mags it seems that a Roksan K2, Cyrus CD6se and ATC SM11's would be good to go. Assuming that i like the sound of this kit, what order would you recommend upgrading as i can only replace one piece at a time. Is any of my kit able to stand being paired up with better replacements?


New member
Sep 6, 2007
IMO with your current system id be tempted to take a look at a better CDP.

Both your amp and speakers are very good but IMO the CD player is letting the system down.

The B&W speakers, ignoring their price tag; sing hell of a lot better than other standmount speakers at twice the price. The Marantz CDP, i feel, is too clinical sounding and can also sound a bit thin.

Take a look on eBay for a decent 2nd hand example of an Arcam CD192 or a Rega Apollo. I think either of these would offer you a much better sound with a more open and detailed soundstage with better bass and a smoother midrange.

You could also take a look at changing your stands for some Partington Drednoughts and also changing your speaker cable to Chord Carnival Silver