Upgrade from EchoDot?


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Apr 13, 2024
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Sorry if this is an awfully naive question. I've been streaming Spotify Premium at it's highest res through a 3G EchoDot to my HiFi (Perreaux SM3 and PMF3150, Klipsch Chorus) for years. For a couple of reasons - the dodgy 3.5mm output and reading recent reviews of streamers - I'm considering a purchase of a WiiM Pro Plus. In the context I've described, am I going to realize a significant upgrade in sound quality? Thanks.


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The DAC in the ProPlus is good, I've compared it to Topping E30 with a WiiM Pro and the onboard DAC on my Arcam SA30 which is known to be good.

Not sure if you use voice commands with your Dot but you can set them to control the WiiM and choose if you want everything to go to it or just music.
One of mine's setup in the kitchen so if I ask it what the weather or time is, set a timer or any other function it plays it through the Dot's speaker so the stereo doesn't have to be on but if you ask it to play music it automatically directs it via WiiM / stereo.

Bear in ming though Spotify's quality isn't "great".