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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all,

I'm looking to get a new pair of desktop speakers, to be powered by my laptop (Macbook Pro with 3.5mm combined optical out), but am a bit lost as to what I should buy! I will mostly be listening to music streamed from Spotify Premium, at 320kbps. I listen to a wide range of music, from rock to electronic to classical. I don't currently own a DAC, but will consider purchasing one after I have got some speakers.

I am open to both 2.0 and 2.1 systems. I like a good bass response, but don't need anything too booming. If the system is 2.1, the sub needs to be of a reasonable size (e.g. no Corsair SP2500s - I don't have room for a microwave on the floor). My desk space is not really an issue within the bounds of reasonability, however.

My budget is £250 - £350, but I could stretch to £400 at a push.

I currently have a pair of Focal Chorus 806vs wired up to my amp, and love the sound from those. I appreciate that you can't recreate that on a desktop, however! My current desktop speakers are JBL Creature IIs, and I am sure they can be improved upon significantly!

Options I am considering at the moment include:

1. Audioengine A5+

Looks like it would suit me very well, but I have been perturbed by differing reviews about the bass response and need (or lack thereof) for a subwoofer. Can anyone who has listened to these expand upon their sound, alone, in the bass department?

2. Creative Gigaworks T3

A fairly well-reviewed 2.1 system, which also has a fairly compact subwoofer.

3. Klipsch Promedia 2.1

Another very well-reviewed 2.1 system, but the cheapest I can find them in the UK is £179.99 on Amazon, and I think they are much cheaper in America. Does anyone know if they can be bought more reasonably over here?

I am sure that I am missing many capable stereo and 2.1 systems here. Any advice, notes / comparison about the above models or suggestions about what I've missed would be greatly appreciated!





Cant recommend them enough. Gone from NAD C320BEE amp & B&W 601 S3's to Audioengine A2's to Bose Companion III back to Audioengine's and now the Focals

Imo, for decent PC speakers these are up there with the best. Connected to my MacBook Pro via optical out, FiiO D3 DAC and a set of RCA interconnects.


I take it you mean:

I notice that they have a 4-inch woofer, compared to the Audioengine A5+'s 5-inch. What do you find the bass to be like when listening to a bass-heavy popular track? Also, what were your thoughts on the A2s?

Any other suggestions also much appreciated.


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