uneven sound field


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Aug 10, 2019
i have set up my system with the audessy eq and then fine tuned the levels using a sound meter, so im getting exactly the same volume on the test tone from each channel at my seating position. But when playing blu rays im finding that my system is very much biased to the right hand side, with only very obvious left field sounds coming from the left side of the sound field. Now my right ear is worse than my left so i know its not down to me, plus when i play music through the front two channels its absolutely fine (ie its sounds like the music is coming from bang in front of me). The cables are of different lengths on the right hand side of the system, but i would have thought that the eq and sound meter readings would sort anything out here (and yet again stereo music sounds fine).

Im a little frustrated by this and of course my mind is now super tuned to it so its probably sounding worse than it is, BUT it is definately an issue. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this or am i going nuts?? Can anyone recommend a blu ray test tone disc or something (if there is such a thing)??



so i am going nuts and im completely on my own on this one then!



I don't think you are, I had the same problem with my stereo hi-fi a few months ago - I could sware the left was louder than the right...then I realised my right ear was full of ear wax and using my mate's "triple-flange" Shure headphones solved the problem!!!


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