Unable to delete Albums/Tracks on Blue sound node?


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Feb 10, 2013
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I have recently been using my Amazon music account to put Albums and tracks into My Music on the Node and made a playlist so I can try different artists and music I don't know. The problem is I can't find any way to delete the albums and track's that I don't want to keep, I have tried googling the problem and been on Bluesounds website nothing on there makes any sense to me it still looks as though you can't completely delete anything?. I admit I am getting on in years and not that tech savvy but I am at a loss . It just seems bizarre that there is not just a simple delete option next to a track or album.

I have sent a support request to Bluesound so depending on what comes back from them I might end up ditching the Node and get something else to stop me pulling out what hair I have left.

So has anyone come across this and have any ideas, cheers Kev.


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