Two 5 ohm satellite speakers and a 3 ohm subwoofer. What AV-Receivers can work with that?


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Jul 8, 2015
Hi guys,

I just created this account to get some help on my search for my first AV-Receiver. I am adding a computer with windows to my setup downstairs to play some games / browse internet/ listen music spotify etc. I prefer it over all the Smart-TV nonsense. That's why i think i now need a receiver. The home cinema installation i am unsing now only has 1 HMDI so that won't suffice.
I am lost because the speakers i already own seem to have a very uncommon impedance (two satellite speakers with 5 ohm and a sub with 3 ohm) and i don't quite understand what AV-receivers i can connect them with, instead of the home-cinema/receiver player-thing it came with.

Philips htb7255d/12 ( ) Sorry it's a dutch site but i think all the information should be understandable.
47 inch Philips TV with plenty of HDMI's and one optical
Random PC im going to build with wifi networkcard
Horizon TV BOX (digital TV hd)
Incoming Receiver?

I understand i don't need an AV receiver because i have only 2 speakers. But i want to prepare for the future, (i will expand this setup and at some point replace the speakers i own at the moment) so i also would like to have HMDI 2.0 and 4k if that's an option.

So my question boils down to what AV receivers are capable of powering my two sattelite speakers and subwoofer? I honestly hoped to find something for 500 euro/550dollar, but any technical pointers would help me greatly!

Sorry for any english spelling or grammar mistakes, I'm dutch so i hope you can excuse me this. Thank you guys for any help.


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Oct 16, 2008
Short answer then, no, you can't use those speakers and sub with a normal av receiver, they're designed specifically for Philips unit you bought them with, it's a passive sub for a start, most av receivers will be expecting an active sub. You'd be better off buying a new set of speakers with the amp but obviously that's a lot more money.


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