Question TV stands


Jan 22, 2022
Hi all,
Trying to find a TV stand/unit but struggling to find something which is big/dynamic enough internally. From what I’ve read, you’re supposed to leave couple of inches of spare room either side and few inches on top for my Denon amp to make sure doesn’t get too hot. So guessing ideally the amp shelf needs to be 50cm wide, 40 deep and 30cm high. Only have a DVD and small NOW box which can stack next to it, so guess either a wide cabinet with one shelf, or couple of shelves (left and right) which can be individually adjusted.
Seen couple of Alphason units, I like look of Chromium but not tall enough, Element ok but doesn’t look as nice. Also saw Frank Olsen Intel unit but not too keen on door layout.
Any suggestions for units would be great, ideally don’t want to go over c£400, but would pay more for the right unit.
Thanks in advance!


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