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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm getting there on slowly piecing my system together but I think I've come to an issue with space!!

I've got a new 42" plasma, Sky and getting an HD DVD. Problem is, I'd ideally like to keep at least a couple of my Hi-Fi separates below the TV too! The nicest looking oval stands appeal to me, but I'm afraid I won't be able to get two boxes side by side due to the nature of oval shapes.

Does anyone else have this issue, or have some recommendations for a reasonably sized stand that I can easily fit 4+ separates in (on 2 levels rather than stacking ideally)? Are the ovals an option, or do I need to stick with the square designs?


I have just ordered one of these from Amazon for £50!

The customer comments are:

"The bottom shelf has 21.5cm of vertical space, the top has 22.5cm of
vertical space. There is 90cm of space between the front posts, and
60cm between the rear posts."


105cm wide x 45cm deep x 53cm high."


Nice one, yeah, I've started looking at the 50" stands as they do give you more room. That one is a bargain!

I had been looking for a black one, maybe with cable tidy (but then with the amount of cables I'm wanting to use maybe not an option!!!) and came across this Kenmark one:

But then that's potentially £75 less I have for getting a better HD DVD player!


I was going to get the Alphason 105/AD3 from Comet for £175, but then thought I'd have a punt on a cheap one and use the difference to get a Toshiba EP30 at £120!!! (I got the EP35 instead)

Sure it doesn't have cable management, but you can get plenty of solutions for that. My Icon turns up tomorrow, I don't think you can go far wrong for £50 and use the rest on an EP30/35!


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