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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, This is not a question, complaint, or criticism. I just wanted to post here to tell you happy I am with my set up! I just received my TOSHIBA HD-EP35 player today which (for now!) completes my set up. My profile picture has me smiling. If you multiply that by about 10, you might be getting close to how pleased I am! After reading reviews of the Toshiba, I was wary about loading times of discs, but even that is not an issue for me. If I hadnt read anything about it, I wouldnt have even queried it. I must stop buying What Hi-Fi (yeah, right!), it's cost me far too much money this year!


I have the same setup as you mentioned above, but i am still unable to get the amp to play dolby true hd. I have read both manuals and set each piece of hardware to accept the fabled true hd, but to no avail. The dvd player tells me it is outputting in hd, but the amp will not accept this. The amp has still got the pcm light on its display and i cant get it to accept the bitstream source from the dvd player, as you state you are happy with the setup i assume you have achieved what i am trying to accomplish.

Any support on how to get my amp to display, and output dolby true hd would be much appreciated

thanks for any support i may receive.


The TV i'm using is a 52" SAMSUNG LCD LE52M86BD.

With regards to the settings on the HD-DVD player to enable TRUE-HD from the amp - I could'nt get it staright away either. I had to *gulp* resort to the manual !

In the audio menu on the player, I have the 'Digital Out HDMI' set to AUTO.
My mistake was the setting on the 'Direct Digital Audio Mode'. I now have it set to 'On' and this did the trick! I finally get to see the 'Dolby TrueHD' writing appear on my amp! , and it sounds pretty special too!

Hope that helps you out Chistopher.


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