Too small a room for a Onkyo/Kef system?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have had a Sony KDL-40W-2000 tv paired up with a Denon DVD1930 for a few months now waiting to build up funds for a decent receiver and style speaker package. From looking at the latest Awards the KEF KHT3005SE catch the eye (as well as many other peoples from looking at other posts) along with the Onkyo TX-SR605. For speakers though I am still tempted by last years winners from Monitor, the R90-AV12. I wonder if I am jjust getting carried away though. Are such systems suitable for smaller rooms. My lounge is an L shaped with the TV along the bottom of the L and the most used viewing positions off to the left and right of it. The actual max width of the room is only 4.6 mtrs and the distance from the TV to viewing psoitions 2.6 mtrs. There are neighbours either side too that I don't really want to blow away.

Whilst I am looking for a system suited to music as well as DVDs I wonder if I'd be more suited to something like the Sony DAV-IS10 but I do want to keep a DVD player suitalbe for mulit-region DVDs which I believe the Sony is not good for.

Anyones thoughts on this are much appreciated,



Both those speaker packages and the Onkyo will be fine for that size room.

My set up (Kefs & 605) is in a room approx 3.5m x 3.5m and it is perfectly suitable. It will only bother your neighbours if you whack it up full blast, it's fine at normal listening levels even with big boomy soundtracks.