Time for me to leave the forum, it used to be fun...

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plastic penguin

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D.J.KRIME said:
I'm still around PP just pop-in far less nowdays for a few reasons but mainly find 90% of "new" topics are merely subjects that have been previously covered in some depth on the forums.

But for me the main reason I don't post much is my main interest is AV rather than Hi-Fi and IMHO the whole TV market currently is of little interest to me as I feel all this 3D is being forced upon us rather than being desired buy us. Also I find the constant "Settings for my new TV" threads sad as every AV-aholic I've ever met has always been prepaired to put in the personal time and effort to get the most out of their system rather than simply turning to settings they find on the web, yet when you try to explain why this is not the way to do it your advice falls upon deaf ears
I know exactly where your coming from.


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Aug 27, 2008
gpi said:
The OP is obviously not going, otherwise why start a new thread to announce it? He'd just stop posting. I reckon it's a popularity check. :D
If I was to leave permanently then id probably post a leaving thread too and say the reasons why im leaving. Id only leave because I feel im gettin no enjoyment from the foum anymore which is a shame and id hope in me leaving and saying the reasons why it 'might' have a small effect in turning it back into a fun place

Seriously doubt it though.........



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